To Conform or Not to Conform

I always have had a beef with conformity, with hiding your authentic self to fit in with the crowd. Why not be brave and be yourself? Why not be different? Isn’t that what makes life interesting?

As I have aged, though I still am very much Kitt, I find I have more in common with others than not. Our differences are primarily superficial. Of course, my struggles with bipolar disorder are not universally shared. But, we as humans all love and desire to be loved. We have families. We have friends. We protect our young and mourn loss.

To the extent that we differ, we should, we must, respect and appreciate those differences. We are all deserving of love, of acceptance.

Bottom line: I am Kitt, my personality exists independent of my illness. I am a unique individual whether or not I have bipolar disorder. You and I, every living being, are both unique and alike. Paradoxical, but true. We are individuals with unique personalities. We are also human, with similar needs and desires. We are all more alike than different. To the extent that we are alike, let’s show compassion. To the extent that we are different, let’s strive for understanding and acceptance.

24 thoughts on “To Conform or Not to Conform

  1. Kitt – This is a brilliant post. I’d like to see a large cross-stitch of this in every doctor’s office – not just in the office’s of mental health providers. However, we’d need to change just a few words to remind the provider of care the client in front of them is no different than they the provider are and no different than any other client. If this business of ‘seeing’ those with a mental illness as damaged goods, then they will never receive the medical care they need to live full and productive lives.

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  2. Frances D December 19, 2014 / 8:18 am

    Years ago I had decided to quit a sales job because the owner of the place was driving me crazy. I was done, finished, packed up and on my way out the door. The graphic artist I worked with, actually a difficult person who I was sure hated me, was the one who convinced me to stay. He told me if I left then he would lose the one person he knew who accepted and liked him for his “crusty” self. He said, “You are the only person who accepts the real ‘me.'”

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    • Kitt O'Malley December 19, 2014 / 11:33 am

      Interesting how we sometimes misinterpret people’s behavior. I’m glad that your coworker reached out to you and told you how you made him feel accepted for his true self.

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