Social Media Here I Am

Down the rabbit hole of social media… At the end of last month, I set up social media accounts with multiple outlets, automatically publishing links to my WordPress blog articles and posting photos to Instagram, Google+ and Flickr.

In short, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with having to keep up so many “windows” to my work.  Anyway, social media, here I am:

Actually, it’s not so much posting that takes my time and energy, it’s liking and following others. Once again, my energy is zapped when I stretch myself too thin. So many pictures, artwork, and thoughts, feelings and commentary to like and comment on. So many people out there in cyberspace. Will have to limit my activity at some point, probably sooner than later for my health and the health and well-being of my small family who depends on me.

4 thoughts on “Social Media Here I Am

  1. dyane April 25, 2014 / 9:24 am

    Awesome post!!!!! I so relate to it all…


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