Should mental health disorders be treated with medications?

Excellently made point. I need not say more.

Shedding Light on Mental Health


I did not realize it but there is a population of people out there who do not believe mental disorders are illnesses. They don’t believe in the “disease model” for mental health issues and believe people should not be treated with medications. When I heard this I wondered what makes a disorder worthy of an illness label? And why wouldn’t there be something wrong with the brain if you had a psychotic episode?

Some people actually believe a psychotic episode is a “normal” response to certain life events. They also believe most people would do better without anti-psychotics than with them on board.

And then there is the evil empire pharmaceutical industry theory, which says pharma pays big bucks for drugs to be developed and approved so they can make profits, as if the sole purpose for all the scientific work is some preconceived conspiracy. Pharmaceutical companies did not create…

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One thought on “Should mental health disorders be treated with medications?

  1. gertiesjourney June 23, 2014 / 8:18 pm

    We must be following the some of the same blogs. I could have not said it better than how Amy had stated it in her blog. She is an amazing blogger. You are a great blogger as well. Thanks for re blogging this. The more people that read this the better.


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