Not My Last Advocate Post

This is far from my last advocate post. I haven’t even gotten started. In My Last Advocate Post, Susan Zarit of Bravely Bipolar makes the case that we who live with mental illness must organize and speak up. I strongly agree with her concluding points and have added details of my own based on my experience.

  • We lack psychiatrists
  • We lack psychiatric beds
  • We lack good quality psychiatric care, both inpatient and outpatient
  • Our mental health system is broken
  • Mental health care workers, including psychiatrists, are overwhelmed
  • Most psychiatrists refuse to accept MediCare, leaving those of us on disability without psychiatric care
  • Rural areas lack psychiatrists, psychotherapists, mental health support groups, and quality medical care in general

We with mental illness must organize and speak up! We are not alone.


I’ve decided to stop advocating.  My experience with Congressman Murphy has taught me that one person cannot make a difference.  I can’t even get my voice heard.  It’s cowardice on his part, but a lesson for me.  Unless you belong to an organization with money, you get nowhere with Congress.

I have tried for years believing I was making some kind of a difference, but really what did I accomplish? I accomplished the goals of an organization that really didn’t value the true needs of those of us with a mental illness.

Whether or not Murphy’s bill passes, we still have a lack of psychiatrists, a lack of psych beds, a lack of good quality care in this broken mental health system.  When pdocs want you to fill out paper work prior to an appointment to see if you’re a “good fit” for them, there’s a real problem.  When pdocs can’t take on any…

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