#BAD2014 Blog Action Day 2014 – #Inequality In Mental Health

Wendy of the blog Picnic with Ants (picnicwithants.com) describes her life as “a journey learning to live a happy and productive life, while living with Chronic Illnesses.” Today for the Blog Action Day theme of inequality, she wrote this incredibly powerful piece about her experience having been involuntarily hospitalized. She concludes by asking:

  • Can you see how different it would have been for me if I had the financial means to pay for a higher quality facility, and have an advocate help me?
  • Can you see how different it would have been for me if I had not had the financial means I had? If I hadn’t had insurance? …
  • What can we do to stop the Inequality in the Mental Health Care System?
  • The first thing we can do is talk about it.
  • The more attention we call to it….the more noise we make about it…they will have to do something about it!
  • …this is an inequality that must end!  People cannot continue to suffer because they can’t afford mental health care.

Picnic with Ants

Blog badgeI admit I had not heard of Blog Action Day until yesterday.  I left a comment on fellow blogger Kitt O’Malley’s blog and she told me that it was worthy of a post for this year’s theme Inequality.  Kitt is an amazing mental health advocate, please go and check out her blog.  Kitt O’Malley – Living with Bipolar. Loved by God.

Inequality and Access to Mental Health Care

Sometimes you need help.  You may or may not want it.  You are a risk to yourself or others.  A stay in a psychiatric facility is needed.  The care you receive will vary drastically depending on your financial means.

This is my story…..a 30 something white woman, with not the best insurance, with no savings, and no other financial support….

I was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility, I was suicidal. I had called a Suicide Help Line and was talked…

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