In Our Own Voice Interview

This week I’m feeling much better than I was on Friday and over the weekend. Spending so many days in bed or slouched on the couch did a number on my lower back and hip flexors. I was in extreme pain this morning. Walking around while doing errands seems to have loosened them up again. This morning I got my hair cut and went clothes shopping to prepare for my interview tomorrow at NAMI – Orange County for their In Our Own Voice program. Here is how NAMI describes the program:

NAMI In Our Own Voice

Presentations by those who are recovering from mental illness are designed to raise awareness and reduce stigma by providing a dialogue on the issues related to recovery from severe mental illness.

In Our Own Voice: Living with Mental Illness is a recovery education presentation given by trained consumer presenters for other consumers, family members, friends, professionals, and lay audiences.

A brief, yet comprehensive interactive presentation about mental illness–including video, personal testimony, and discussion–enriches the audience’s understanding of how people with these serious disorders cope with the reality of their illnesses while recovering and reclaiming productive lives.

I love public speaking, but have had little opportunity to do so. My whole life, I loved being on stage and the center of attention. Yes, I was a drama geek, and can be theatrical.

Wish me luck. I’m nervous (and excited)!

28 thoughts on “In Our Own Voice Interview

  1. Susan Irene Fox October 29, 2014 / 1:03 pm

    Kitt, this is SO awesome. I looked this morning for a live streaming, but couldn’t find one. Boo-hoo. Glad you’re getting your voice out there – it will help so many others you may not have been able to otherwise reach. Bigtime kudos. Are they going to air it/publish it somewhere? Please let us know when and where.

    As I read over the NAMI website, I wondered about the term “recovery.” Why this term rather than say, management? Example: I don’t expect to ever “recover” from depression or bp2, but I do expect to be able to manage them so I can live a full and productive life. Can you speak to this? I’m sure you probably already have numerous times, but it would help me with the distinction.

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    • Kitt O'Malley October 29, 2014 / 2:03 pm

      The term threw me off, too. It is a term from addiction recovery. Yes, you still have a disease which you manage, but recovery is hopeful. Here is a quote from BRIDGES, Building Recovery of Individual Dreams and Goals through Education and Support, 2006:

      Recovery/Discovery: Building healthy interdependence: Starting to know, “Who I am and what I want to be, who I care about and who cares about me”
      Emotions: Self-acceptance, Appreciation of others, Confidence, Anger at injustice, Assertiveness, Helpfulness to others
      A personal vision: A dream to strive for
      People who appreciate me
      Intimacy: Someone to love
      Meaningful work: A chance to leave footprints
      To advocate for self and others

      Hope that helps. My category pull down list on my home page includes Recovery under Mental Health.


  2. mihrank October 28, 2014 / 8:05 pm

    I am glad Kitt you are feeling much better – I might not get a reply from you – I wish you will enjoy your introduction. I know you will do great and with great success!

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  3. Just Plain Ol' Vic October 28, 2014 / 5:01 pm

    Sounds like such a wonderful opportunity. It is so empowering to hear empathy and get advice from someone that has had the same experiences.

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  4. Bradley October 28, 2014 / 3:58 pm

    I’m excited for you. Put me in with a group of people and I can barely get two words out. Put me In front of a group of people to speak to and I’m in heaven. Best of luck on your interview.

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    • Kitt O'Malley October 28, 2014 / 4:25 pm

      I understand completely. I need some distance from my audience, and I need it to be an audience. And, I need to recover after social stimulation. I find it both overstimulating and draining.


  5. dyane October 28, 2014 / 3:24 pm

    I know you will do a fabulous job!!!!! I’ve heard of this program and it would be a wonderful opportunity for you & it sounds like an ideal fit for your skills/passion – someday I may want to give it a shot!

    I’m so proud of you and excited for you, and I hope you know revival skills because you will blow your interviewers away! 😉

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    • Kitt O'Malley October 28, 2014 / 3:55 pm

      Not so sure about revival skills. Never preached at a tent revival. Thanks for your support. Didn’t do MHA training last week. The trainer I was supposed to shadow didn’t call. We’re playing telephone tag. Not sure who’s it.

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