Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Helen Keller

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. - Helen Keller.

Thank you Colleen Chesebro at SilverThreading.com for organizing Writer’s Quote Wednesday 2015.

Writer's Quote Wednesday 2015

13 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Helen Keller

  1. Lifelover March 3, 2015 / 7:26 am

    With a true friend, darkness doesn’t seem dark anymore. What a beautiful thought!!

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    • Kitt O'Malley February 25, 2015 / 2:46 pm

      Intriguing thought. I suppose we can be honest when we are not so concerned with appearances.


      • coffeedrinker2 February 25, 2015 / 2:54 pm

        I actually meant the metaphorical dark, but yes it works both ways. I darkness can feel safe, removes the possibility of outward appearance, and when I’m in dark moods (really dark) then I lose all tolerance for the superficial.

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  2. Silver Threading February 25, 2015 / 10:19 am

    A poignant quote for today Kitt. So true too! Thank you for sharing such uplifting words. ❤

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