2020 Mom’s 6th Forum Recap

Today I quote an email from Joy Burkhard and the 2020 Mom Team following up on the 6th Annual Emerging Considerations in Maternal Mental Health Forum held February 12th.

2020 Mom - Collaborative Connections - California Maternal Mental Health Collaborative

February 27, 2015

Check out this synopsis of the Forum, just published on Stanford Medicine’s Scope blog.

Slides shared at the forum are now available on our website.

Join the “ACEs in Maternal Mental Health”
community group on ACEs Connection.

Fasciated with the Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) study and want to go deeper on the role of ACE scores and Maternal Mental Health Disorders? ACEs Connection is a social network and community of practice for people interested in ACEs across multiple disciplines supported by the California Endowment and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. To access the ACEs in MMH group, become a member of ACEsConnection.com. Once you are a member, request to join the “ACEs in Maternal Mental Health” group. For additional info or questions, please email anna@2020mom.org.

Joy Burkhard and the 2020 Mom Team

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