Poetry Reading in Long Beach

Sack Nasty - Prison Poetry by Ra Avis. A Death on Skunk Street - A Life in Poems by William S. Friday. The Erratic Sun by Michael Hansen & Matthew Blashill

Sunday I drove up to Long Beach for the On The Edge poetry reading of Ra Avis, Bill Friday & Matthew Blashill. I was nervous about going to a poetry reading, as I haven’t attended artsy hip anything in decades. As I drove through downtown Long Beach,  I felt very suburban middle-aged.

Once there, though, I was made to feel welcome. Turns out I wasn’t the only middle-aged attendee, nor was I the only attendee who lived in South Orange County. Nice to meet people in person who you have read and interacted with online.

Suffering from fried brain right now. Have accidentally posted drafts of this post at least twice. Sorry to those completely confused, wondering, “Where the hell did that post go?” I probably should have left well enough alone and simply edited the piece. Brief, but done. At least for now.

Updated My Resources Page

Now that I’m one of WEGO Health’s 7 Bipolar Depression Patient Leaders You Need to Know, I decided that I would update my Resources page. Actually, the two have nothing to do with each other. Just promoting myself, thanking WEGO Health, and passing on the resources…

WEGO Health 7 Bipolar Depression Leaders You Need to Know

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Google+ Punished Me

Dear Kitt O'Malley, We've determined that your posts may be in violation of our User Content and Conduct Policy. Facilitating the sale of regulated goods or services, or promoting regulated goods and services to inappropriate audiences, is not permitted. Continued violation of our policies can lead to the loss of your ability to use some or all features of Google+ and other Google services. Sincerely, The Google+ Team

Apparently my posts or the posts I share are inappropriate. No doubt because they often discuss medications used in treating mental illness. I do not promote any particular medication, but I do share research. Perhaps one of the posts I shared looked innocuous, but was from an illegal pharmaceutical site. Don’t know. Do know that I don’t like getting censured. I really try hard to be a good girl. (Sounds ridiculous, but that’s where it comes from – from a lifetime trying to please.)

For the last twenty some odd weeks, my kittomalley.com blog posts that I intended to share to my Google+ accounts using WordPress’ Publicize feature were posted privately and not shared with the public. Not very useful in publicizing my posts. Apparently I do not fully understand how to use Google+. I can only actively maintain so many social media presences. I pulled down my posts that were shared privately, and disconnected my Google+ accounts from WordPress Publicize. Now is not the time for me to have to deal with this.

PLUS, my Acer Aspire S7 laptop screen is acting up, and I’ll have to mail it back to Acer for repairs. At least it is still under warranty. This will be the third or fourth time I’ve sent it back for repairs. Shortly after I received it, the screen went black. Then the power connection failed. I love it in spite of its fragility. It’s super light and fast. Anyway, I’m working on my iPad right now. Not as fully functional. At least I recently bought an Anker keyboard for it, making it easier to type. Prefer a keyboard for typing, a touchscreen for coloring and playing solitaire (yes, I know, what a waste of time, but it relaxes me and gives my fingers something to do).

Women’s Equality Day

This Graphic Shows Why We Still Need Women’s Equality Day from TIME, Inc. article by Heather Jones @msjonesnyc and Charlotte Alter @charlottealter.

Why We Still Need Women's Equality Day. 95 years after women got the right to vote, the US government is still only about 20% female. Women's representation in 2015: At the Federal level: Supreme Court 3 out of 9, Congress 104 out of 535, House of Representatives 80 women out of 435 (19%), Senate 20 women out of 100 (20%). at the State level: Governors 6 out of 50 (12%), Mayors of Cities more than 30K people 256 out of 1393 (18%), State Legislatures 1,793 out of over 7,000 seats (24%). Women's Voter Turnout: women have voted more than men in every presidential election since 1980. 71.4 million women voters in 2012 vs. 61.6 million men. Almost 64% of eligible women voted in 2012, compared to almost 60% of eligible men. Political Representation Worldwide: Since 1995, the percentage of women in national legislatures has almost doubled worldwide, but still only 22% of all national elected representatives are female. Saudi Arabia just allowed women to register to vote in August. Vatican City still does not allow women to vote. Sources: Center for American Women and Politics; Clinton Foundation No Ceilings Report; U.S. Census. Infographic by TIME.