What About God?

Sun and Clouds

Although I attended Fuller Theological Seminary, a multi-denominational Christian seminary, I do not consider myself exclusively Christian.  Aside from a brief flirtation with Sufism (mystical Islam), reading Zen Buddhists Alan Watts and D. T. Suzuki in my early twenties, and occasionally doing some yoga (namaste), Christianity has been my primary path to God so far.

12 thoughts on “What About God?

  1. Lee Sampson July 27, 2016 / 8:44 am

    “God either exists or He does not. Either I believe i God or i do not. Of the four possibilities, only one is to my disadvantage. To avoid that possibility, I believe in God.—— Quotes in Des MacHale, WISDOM(LONDON,2002).

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  2. Gerald White May 4, 2016 / 1:59 pm

    My thoughts are that to ignore a person’s spirituality is to ignore an essential component of who that person is. So then, recognising that this is an important aspect of many people’s lives, why do we not, as counsellors or social workers, use this as part of a strengths based philosophy to help the person. It’s more than a term of reference, it’s a fact of life and intrinsic to millions of people, even their life is based on a set of principles that reflect their inner core.

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  3. hirundine608 February 10, 2015 / 11:08 am

    You came today and both liked and followed my blog, Needle at Sea Bottom. … Thank You.

    Returning the favour and visit. I find this page. Which is quite unusual for bloggers. In that you place it up front and centre. For those, who might be interested?

    There are other bloggers who use their blogs as a focus for Christian beliefs. Their prerogative.

    Thing is. Carl Jung showed us. Humans are born with a sense of religion, or religious beliefs. That is to say, take a human as a baby. Without any input and a solitary life. We would start bringing gifts to lay on an altar, as offerings to a supreme being.

    I too started a quest to know God in my very early twenties. Now forty + years later, I am still on that path. Likely will, until death? Do I know God? Well I believe so, yet that’s each person’s quest.

    For myself, God is not Christian, Muslim, or Buddhist. Or any other sect. Not Jewish, nor Zarathrustrian. Hindu, or Confusion, etc.

    God is Love and Love is God. Those other things. Are basically blueprints, that are suggested to bring one closer to that supreme being.

    Life is to know suffering. To know God. For God cannot know itself. So we are given life, to know that supreme being.

    I am not here to preach any sort of gospel, or belief system. That’s the beauty of it. It’s each person’s choice.

    When at the first I took my pen in hand
    Thus for to write, I did not understand
    That I at all should make a little book
    In such a mode; nay, I had undertook
    To make another; which, when almost done,
    Before I was aware, I this begun.
    ~ John Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress. 1678 CE.

    Cheers Jamie.

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    • Kitt O'Malley February 10, 2015 / 11:51 am

      Thank you, Jamie, for such a thoughtful and loving response. I agree wholeheartedly with your statement that God is Love and Love is God. Simply put and true. All else is varying paths to the same core truth.

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      • christopherdnaylor November 23, 2016 / 12:49 am

        Hi Kitt,

        Thanks for commenting on my blog recently. I’m also returning the favour. I enjoyed the stroll through your blog, it’s encouraging to see God is grounding you in his love and truth. Despite that you have a respect for a few other philosophies.

        I lie the creative layout of your blog, pictures which compliment your content well. I hope perhaps you can guide me with mine? At some stage in this regard.

        Together in the fight against internal & external stigma, & discrimination. Which many mental health consumers face around the world daily, in which I thank you through your own blog for your disclosure of your own journey.

        Chris Naylor 🙂

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  4. Gone Wild February 8, 2015 / 1:30 pm

    Thanks for the follow – I’m now following you. I’m bipolar and Asperger: I won the mental health lottery. I’m an atheist / pagan.

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