Happy Anniversary

My husband and I have been married for 19 years, together for 22. Marriage is not always easy. We’ve weathered hard times. Well worth it. He has my back. Life is hard. Living with a mental illness makes it even more challenging. Helps to have someone there for emotional and physical support, someone to make sure we eat dinner, someone who can fix just about anything. He’s an engineer. Quite handy around the house.

#Thankful for Support

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Thank you to my son for exercising more independence as I’ve been busy attending to my parents’ affairs, to my husband for everything from chipping in around the house to loving me deeply and devotedly, to my sister as we support each other in making decisions on our parents’ behalf now that they are unable to do so, to our extended family for supporting our decisions and loving us, to my friends, neighbors and online support network for being there, to the Silverado Memory Care Community in San Juan Capistrano for offering my parents’ excellent care and me support and respite, to Jane Mahakian, PhD of Aging Matters for facilitating care and helping my parents and me with this difficult life transition, to Rory Barish of Lane Four Real Estate for representing us as we negotiate leasing our parents’ home, to Steve Shields, CFP for helping with our parents’ financial planning, to my mental health providers, Brynne Lum, LMFT and Alex Michelson, MD, for helping me cope.

Much of the support I have access to is thanks to my parents’ savings. Few have such resources and do not have access to the same care options. That is tragic. Everyone needs access to excellent health care and excellent long term care. Not just those fortunate enough to have significant savings (or adequate long term care insurance) in their senior years.

Honestly, I never could do it without all of you. Thank you. God bless you all.

Thank You, Caregivers

Thank You Care Givers

Thank you to all the caregivers who have helped with my parents recently. Grateful for the excellent care my mom has received. Thank you:

  • Jane Pamphile of Next Step Senior Care first started working with me over a year ago preparing for this transition. She’s done far more than show my sister and me senior care options. She’s been my coach and my parents’ advocate.
  • Hermosa Beach Fire Department’s Paramedics
  • Providence Little Company of Mary in Torrance and their Stroke Care Center in San Pedro
  • Atria Del Sol in Mission Viejo, especially their Executive Director Laura Kephart who went to bat for my mom
  • Speech Pathologist Helen Yule-Schuppe on staff at

    Palm Terrace Healthcare & Rehab Center

  • Music Therapist Marcella Muller of Legacy Music

Most of all, I thank my sister and our husbands. My sister and I worked as a team. Couldn’t have done it without her. Our husbands backed us up, taking time off work to care for our kids while we were away from home caring for our parents.

Thank  you, team. Thank you, family. Thank you, community.

Happy Thanksgiving