Exhausted While Bipolar

I'm Bipolar & I'm Exhausted
Exhausted by life stressors. Understandably so. I have this. Just takes a LOT of energy.

Recently I’ve been totally overwhelmed and exhausted. A virus almost took my mother’s life. Thank God she survived.

Loving someone who is struggling for their life is hard. Really hard.

I, too, was sick and avoided seeing my mother until she got so sick that cross-contamination was no longer an issue.

Now, I’m still recovering, physically and emotionally. Exhausted. Totally exhausted.

Freaking Out

Both my husband and my mother have expressed concern that I am ramping up (becoming hypomanic and experiencing mixed emotional states) as I’ve started the Ticket to Work process. I have had trouble sleeping, my mind is racing, I’m anxious, and I’ve shed a few tears. I put in a call to my psychiatrist. Both my mom and my husband think I should start more modestly, perhaps volunteering or taking an art class.

Whenever I take a step outside the structure, responsibilities, and expectations of my family life, and try to take on some other activity, I become overwhelmed and start to fall apart. It doesn’t take much to destabilize me,

I’m kind of freaking out.