Happy 80th Birthday, Mom!

Happy 80th Birthday, Mom!

Just about to hop in the shower and pick up my sister from the airport to celebrate our mother’s 80th birthday! It’s a miracle she’s with us. She’s a survivor of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, stroke and vascular dementia. She’s a fighter. Proud of her.

Saudi Arabia
Thanks for moving me to Saudi Arabia and teaching us respect for other cultures.
Best Sister Ever
Thanks for giving me the best sister ever!
Acropolis 1970
Thank you for traveling the world with us. Acropolis, 1970.
Cashel Ireland 1970
Best 7th birthday present ever. Cashel Ireland, 1970. So green after five years in the desert.
Next two years in Cambridge, MA. Gorgeous fall colors. Snow! Free Boston Pops on the Common. Thanks for taking us to the ballet and art museums.
Palance of Fine Arts SF
Pretty sure you made those dresses! Here we visit the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, the city where you and dad met and made me.

How Do You Dry Your Hair?

Throwback Thursday

My son as a toddler carefully driving a small Lego car at Legoland
Many years ago – my son as a toddler driving at Legoland

Who’s More Glamorous?

In her post How fucking old am I? Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess asks, “Was it just my school where the senior portraits always looked like inexpensive glamour shots?”

Who’s more glamorous in their senior high school graduation photo, Jenny Lawson The Bloggess or me? Judge for yourself.

Jenny Lawson The Bloggess with Big Texas Hair, Bare Shoulders and Fur Stole vs Kitt O'Malley with Long Slightly Wavy Hair and Red Crushed Velvet Stole

Texas vs. Manhattan Beach, California. Fur stole? Nope. We wore crushed velvet. Big hair? Nope. I probably didn’t even blow mine dry. Why? It dried on its own. When I wore it long, it did take hours to dry, especially since it’s foggy at the beach. Still, it does eventually dry. Plus, unlike Jenny, I’m pretty sure I’m wearing my bra under the crushed velvet stole.