Happy Father’s Day to My Departed Father and to My Husband

Happy Fathers Day
My dad & my husband with our son.  That baby is now 6′ tall!

To My Favorite Fathers on Father’s Day

Dad, I love and miss you. I miss you SO much.

Nick, I adore you and am beyond grateful for all you do as father to our son.

Recently I pulled out photographs to remember my father on Father’s Day. Brought back fond memories and tears. Good tears. Tears of love, tears of gratitude that he had been my father and grandfather to my son. My dad was a loving and involved father and grandfather. He loved us deeply. He loved us well.

Those photos reminded me of how lucky I am to have my husband by my side. He’s a loving father and devoted husband. Since my pregnancy, he’s been a hands-on father — affectionate and involved. He adores his son. He even flexed his working hours so that I could go back to work when our son was an infant.

Thank you, Dad. I love and miss you.

Thank you, Nick. I love you.

I love you both to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond.

Thanks on Father’s Day

Tonight, as I sit beside my husband watching videos of our son downhill mountain biking earlier today, I decided to express my gratitude in celebration of Father’s Day. My husband is a private man, and on more than one occasion he has warned me not to boast. So to keep my boasting to a minimum, and to maintain a modicum of privacy, I will keep my gratitude brief. My middle-aged husband is so dedicated and loving a father that he tries to keep up with our daredevil just-shy-of-fourteen-year-old son as they bicycle insane downhill mountain trails. Best of all, I love husband, and he loves (dare I say, adores) me. Parenting is tough. Parenting while living with a mental illness, even harder. Parenting with a supportive understanding spouse, the best thing ever. Thank you to the best father in the world (in my not so humble and very much boastful opinion).