About Me & This Blog

Though I am a suburban wife and mother, unlike most of my neighbors, I live with bipolar disorder. My StoryMy Path to Age ThirtyMania at ThirtyThirty to Motherhood, and Mystic or Mentally Ill? recount my struggle with mental illness, the two decades it took to get a proper diagnosis, and how my journey has ultimately given me a sense of purpose – and at times, a sense of religious calling.

My Battle with Mental Illness:

I’m All Over Social Media:


If you take a look at my social media presences, you might think that either I’m really committed to making a brand out of my name, or I am a narcissist. Probably both.

100 thoughts on “About Me & This Blog

  1. myloudbipolarwhispers January 31, 2018 / 10:33 pm

    Congratulations on being nominated for the “Blogger Appreciation Award.” I selected you for this award because you are amazing and I love your blog and enjoy reading your posts. Your blog is awesome, very insightful, informative, inspirational and very well written. I appreciate you and I appreciate your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, wisdom and yourself with all of us. Here is the link to my “Blogger Appreciation Award” post… https://myloudbipolarwhispers.com/2018/01/30/yay-i-have-been-nominated-for-blogger-appreciation-award/
    Your blog is so awesome that I am sure you have received numerous awards, but I wanted to include you because your blog is absolutely wonderful. I hope you will be able to participate. There is no need to hurry. Just take your time and finish when and if you have time. Thank you very much. Have a happy, healthy and fabulous day. Hugs, Sue

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    • Kitt O'Malley February 1, 2018 / 7:51 pm

      Thank you, Sue. I no longer accept awards (too much work, quite frankly), but appreciate you thinking of me. Wish you the best.

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      • myloudbipolarwhispers February 4, 2018 / 1:32 pm

        You are welcome. I understand what you mean. They are a lot of work and I am almost getting to the point of reducing some of the award activity/work as well. I was just nominated for three more, which I appreciate very much and makes me very happy to be nominated, but it does take a lot of time. I will probably participate with those awards and think maybe the awards will slow down again. We will see though. Your blog is awesome. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights. Hugs, Sue

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        • Kitt O'Malley February 4, 2018 / 2:14 pm

          Thanks. Participating in blog awards helped me to network with other bloggers when my blog was young. Now, I’m pretty busy just maintaining my social media notifications, and do less outreach.

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  2. Anonymous December 12, 2017 / 3:50 pm

    I think it’s incredible that you are sharing your journey. So many people are shamed into the shadows because of the stigma surrounding mental illness. Letting the world hear your story helps shine the light of hope for the millions suffering.

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