South Orange County – No Way Transcript I never in my life thought that I would be living in South Orange County, California. Grew up in the South Bay. I moved a lot. Lived overseas. Lived on the East [...]

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50 Things About Me

Joel Sax of the blog Pax Nortona, Twitter handles @EmperorNorton and @Bipolar_Blogs and all over the Internet since 1988, challenged me to list 50 things about me. I'm going to boast a lot in this interminable [...]

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Parenting My Teen

So, I decided to change psychotherapists. Not an easy decision for me to make. Except during the nine months we lived in Eugene and the two years we lived in the Mojave Desert, [...]

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Love/Hate Challenge

Just Plain Ol' Vic dared me to take the Love/Hate Challenge to list ten things I love, ten things I hate, and then nominate ten bloggers to do the same. I pass on nominating ten bloggers, [...]

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Happy Anniversary

Eighteen years ago today, my husband and I married. That's beautiful Lake Tahoe behind us. Still in love after all these years. I love my husband most of all for being a loving father [...]

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Death, Grief & the Beast

NAMI Orange County volunteer Melissa Nemeth passed on as did my brother-in-law Don. Grief that I denied myself now hits me. Now I realize how much compassion I withheld from my husband as I [...]

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Do NOT Smoke!

First of all I hope and pray that I am able to emotionally support my husband as he experiences grief, having lost his oldest brother last week to lung cancer. Grief, anxiety, and the [...]

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