Hastywords invited me to join her #BeReal series. Check out the great writing she features in the #BeReal series.


My #BeReal guest today is Kitt O’Malley.

Kitt is full of surprises and I have had the honor of seeing her lovely face on twitter quite often.  She is a supportive member of the mental health community online and I am super glad she is participating in this series.

Thank you for sharing your real with us Kitt.

Be Real x 2

Q: Who am I really?

A: On my About Me & This Blog page, I describe myself as a minivan-driving wife and mother, who unlike most of my suburban neighbors, lives with bipolar disorder. My struggle with mental illness has given me a sense of purpose. What is that purpose? I find out daily as it unfolds. For now, I blog, keep active on social media, share mental health resources with others, and dip my toe into volunteer work. Honestly, though, I’m a diva who belongs on stage preaching her message.


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Who Am I Really?

Mystic Bipolar Crazy Bitch in permanent marker font on forehead of selfie showing eyes & forehead

Who am I really?
Mystic bipolar
Crazy bitch
Compassionate healer
Mental health advocate
Creative, passionate, intelligent
Wife and mother
Living purposefully
That purpose unfolds daily
As I parent my son
As I write, as I blog
As I connect with others
As I share mental health resources
As I dip my toe into volunteer work
Honestly, though, I’m a diva
Who belongs on stage
Preaching her message
For all to hear

#BeReal, Kitt


Here I am, being real. On a typical day, I do not shower or bathe and do not wear makeup. I am middle-aged. My gray hair,  wrinkles and turkey neck are hard-earned. This is not a Before or Ugly Duckling photo. Just is just me being real, showing you myself bare.

Thank you, HastyWords, for #BeReal, a movement to counter the #DontJudgeMeChallenge where people posted Ugly Duckling photos of themselves (before) and best possible versions of themselves (after). Thank you, Lizzi, for bringing Hasty’s #BeReal movement to my attention in the post
In a World So Quick to Judge, Just #BeReal on Sisterwives.

Hasty was unimpressed with hashtags which contribute to a bodycentric culture - so she changed the world.

The world is READY for this movement. Our body-obsessed culture NEEDS this movement. There is not a person who won’t benefit from a new way, which supports putting people first. Go on, #BeARebel – show yourself off, exactly as you are, because YOU ARE WONDERFUL.

Show yourself off on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook, on Tumblr, in Real Life, and be YOU. Be Beautiful. #BeReal.

via In a World so Quick to Judge, Just #BeReal | by Lizzi for The SisterWives.

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