Gaping Maw

I am a gaping maw - a wide open gaping maw of unending unquenchable need. I feel as if I ever opened that maw, if I ever asked for help, if I ever [...]

2016-07-02T23:37:51+00:00July 2nd, 2016|31 Comments

Together Again

Finally, my parents are back together again since my mother had an acute front left lobe stroke in mid-November. We've taken my father to visit my mother in stroke rehab, but tonight they [...]

2016-01-11T20:49:02+00:00January 11th, 2016|49 Comments

Holy Friday

For those who do not believe in the value of religious mythology, I do. Whether or not the stories actually happened, whether or not they are literally true, they offer messages which are [...]

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