I Will Not Cry Now

To avoid feeling overwhelmed and hold back the tears due to loss, stress and worry, I've started delving into my ancestry online. My therapist reframed what I was doing as focusing, rather than [...]

2019-04-04T11:00:04+00:00April 4th, 2019|19 Comments

Exhausted While Bipolar

Exhausted by life stressors. Understandably so. I have this. Just takes a LOT of energy. Recently I've been totally overwhelmed and exhausted. A virus almost took my mother's life. Thank God she survived. [...]

2019-03-28T15:09:58+00:00March 28th, 2019|13 Comments

St. Patrick's Day. Miss my father today, my parents' first wedding anniversary since my father's death.

2019-03-17T14:16:43+00:00March 17th, 2019|8 Comments