NAMIWalks, Conferences, and Fatigue

This summer I've been recuperating from caring for my parents, going to the BlogHer16 women's blogging conference, and training for NAMI In Our Own Voice. This upcoming weekend, I'm attending the Southern California Writers' Conference, [...]

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In My Own Voice

The weekend after I attended BlogHer16, my local NAMI Orange County office hosted an In Our Own Voice (IOOV) training. In Our Own Voice (IOOV) Hi, I’m Kitt O’Malley Mother of a teen [...]

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Connecting With Others #Online

Guest Post: Connecting With Others Online – by Fliss Baker for NewLifeOutlook Connecting with other people is vital to surviving, living and enjoying life. It is imperative in managing our mental health; we are encouraged to [...]

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Siren Song

I have heard the siren song of alcohol and marijuana. Craved the quieting of my thoughts, the slowing down. Prescribed medications do help immensely, but I still understand and am wary of alcohol&#… [...]

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